Envirer offers PaaS (Planting as a service) to everyone who would love to plant trees with a simple yet world class method leveraging technology. As a side benefit, you get some great discounts with our merchant partners.


  • No headache of choosing, planting, or maintaining trees. Envirer does it on your behalf. You choose what to plant, where to plant, and how many to plant.

  • Complete transparency. You get regular updates of the trees you planted, accessible on your mobile as well as the web.

  • Envirer has partnered with environmentally conscious partners and you can redeem your carbon points for various products and services with our partnered organizations.

Save The Environment


Envirer is a part of Tweedle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. product portfolio targeted at solving the problem of carbon emission by planting trees to build a green future for our future generations, spreading life sustaining ecological diversity throughout the world.

Our goal is to encourage and inspire people to save the planet.


Our mission is to improve the environmental quality of the world by partnering with individuals, communities and corporates to work together to create a clean and safe place for us to live and the generations to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you choose the tree to plant, you are offered locations where you would like to plant them. The same are planted on your behalf by Envirer.

No. You can plant your trees only in designated locations or project sites.

Sure, you can! Do remember however some of these sites are remote and difficult to access. We do update you regularly with photographs of your tree and tree location on your mobile. We have developed a world class monitoring process that meticulously tracks the trees you have planted with a unique ID and are geo-tagged. This data is digitally collected and processed for our team to locate problems if any and the success of each tree, so that they can be attended to. Though we do not fund the site visits you can however send us a request visit@envirer.com and we shall coordinate your visit.

You can calculate your carbon footprint through our carbon calculator. For business or enterprises, we encourage you to get in touch a detailed assessment.

Each tree offsets different amount of carbon through its lifecycle. You can view the carbon offsets on your app. Remember, the longer you stay invested, the better the carbon offset.

They are reward points as a gratification of your initiative towards saving the planet.

You can redeem these with our environmentally conscious partners for great discounts on products and services. For a list of our merchant partners, please download the Envirer app now from the below link.