Global Warming Solutions – Transforming our Planet Green in its True Sense

Global Warming Solutions

Despite warnings by the scientific community that global warming is likely to continue into the distant future, there are undoubtedly a few things within our means to reduce its disastrous effects. Our main aim clearly should be to reduce or try avoiding the use of such items,or conditions that creates greenhouse gases. To achieve this it is essential that we minimize the use of fossil fuels by controlling our vehicular and industrial emissions.

The need clearly is to opt for those alternative sources of energy wherein the use of carbon is very limited or negligible, including,hydro-electric energy, solar energy, nuclear energy, and, wind energy. Usage of non-fossil fuel energy sources is crucial. Adoption of these alternative energy sources would result in huge reduction in greenhouse gases.

Global Warming Solutions

Felling of trees should be immediately stopped and protected. Additionally, aggressive plantation drive should be encouraged, which in itself is the most effective global warming solution.

Nations of the world realizing the dangerous consequences of global warming are joining hands in its fight against climate change.

The Paris Climate Summit in 2015 signed by 195 countries to reduce carbon emission with its goal to reduce future global warming by 2°C is indeed very encouraging – a right step in the right direction. However, it is essential that each of us citizens equally contribute towards this much aspired goal.

Effective global warming solutions would lead to reduction of atmospheric and oceanic temperature. It may be noted that over the last 1,400 years the warmest 30-year period in the Northern Hemisphere was between 1983 and 2012. 

Some simple yet effective steps, which if incorporated in our daily lives, can in a big way, make a difference to environmental protection. These includes –

Raising Awareness – The basic step for the prevention of global warming is creating awareness amongst the citizens of every country. A successful awareness would result in global warming from spreading further.

Reduce Carbon Footprint – It is of utmost importance that we keep the environment around us pollution-free. After all it is an undeniable fact that ‘human activities’ is the main culprit for degradation of our environment. The need clearly is to reduce carbon footprint to make our planet green in its true sense.

Driving Less Minimal driving would naturally result in less emission. It is important we choose healthy activities such as walking and riding a bicycle, which is a great way to cut back on atmospheric emissions. For commuting to-and-fro office, we should opt for public transportation like rails or community mass transport system. 

Keeping Devices Switched off – It is pertinent that we make it a habit to keep our devices and applications like computers, laptops, ovens, television etc switched off when not using it. This small step would result in reducing energy expenditure by as much as 40 per cent, which is undoubtedly beneficial for the environment.

Minimize use of Plastic – One of the biggest threats to the environment is plastic. Environmentalists point to the fact that each year millions of oceanic mammals and avian are killed as a result of swallowing plastic. Reduction of global warming is inevitably linked to the minimal use of plastic.

Each one Plant one – We should all take a pledge to plant trees. How nice it would be if we can build-up a world-wide movement, ‘each one plant one.’ Abundance of trees would result in reduction of emissions caused by factories, vehicles and other human activities. In fact, according to research, one tree can absorb more than one ton of carbon-dioxide within its lifetime.

The need of the hour clearly is a firm commitment by each of us to do our bit, and of the respective governments of every country to take concrete steps towards a carbon-free world.