When was the last time you thought about planning a Jungle safari? Did it ever occurred to you that why you travel far from you home to enjoy the natural surroundings? Where the jungles nearby have gone? Have you ever heard about Deforestation or forest degradation? Did it ever occurred to you to read, talk or discuss about the causes and effects of Deforestation? Do you know that forests play a major role in keeping the ‘Life’ alive on our planet?

Global Warming – Definition, Facts, Causes and Effects

Almost one-third portion of the lands of the Earth are covered by forests of different flora and fauna. They are the prime source of life’s essentials like fresh air, clean water, fruits and roots for food. Apart from these, we get wood for fire, fuel, furniture, buildings, paper and what not. Looking at them from value to human life perspective, forests give you almost everything food, water, shelter, even employment including adventure and entertainment. They are critical to reduce the effects of CO2 in the atmosphere. But as on date as you read this, these prime source of life on our planet are endangered.

Causes of Global Warming: Deforestation is happening across the planet and its causes and effects are very visible in front of us if we choose to pay attention. The danger is not only limited to forest degradation. But also covers the extinction of so many species of plants and animals that survive and thrive because of these forests. Deforestation for needs like infrastructure development, agricultural land and increasing needs of large human populations, has begun to show the consequences in terms climate change and pollution of different kinds. It is time for each one of us to understand the causes and effects of deforestation.

The Causes & Effects Of Deforestation

The causes of deforestation are many. But primarily, today across the world the forests are being cut for the various uses of timber for the continuously increasing human population on the planet. It is because of human overpopulation the availability of plain lands for infrastructure development, development of highways, and for agriculture is increase. When it comes to the causes and effects of deforestation, then natural forest fires add to this problem majorly. And another major reason is the gap between the rate of deforestation and afforestation. We are unable to match the speed of tree plantations with the speed of trees being cut. It takes 10 to 15 years for an average tree to grow completely. But we overlook at their life and growth span when we cut them. If the causes of deforestation are overlooked, its effects will be very devastating.

There are direct and adverse effects of deforestation. From increased greenhouse gas emissions to disrupted water cycles, to increased soil erosion to disrupted life cycles and shelters, to major effect on climate changes, pollution and degradation of natural resources. We as the common community of living beings are losing lives every single moment. The extinction of flora and fauna is beyond imagination. As per WWF data, ‘We’re losing 18.7 million acres of forests annually, equivalent to 27 soccer fields every minute.’ In order to understand and realize the causes and effects of deforestation in depth, we must do more than just reading few articles or feeling sad about it or merely showing concerns.

How to Stop Global Warming?

We’ll have to create forums and spaces where there are open talks and discussions about climate change, scarcity and degradation of natural resources. We have to discuss the Causes of Global Warming. Environment Science has been added in the educational curriculums. But that’s not enough as what our kids learn in school they see quite opposite in their respective homes and communities.

Unless, we join hands to not only do something about it but first to train our minds that every action has its reaction and every cause will have a direct effect. Hence we need to look at our actions as a race or species on the planet. Only then we would be able to adopt and ensure green and sustainable lifestyle. Eventually put a stop on becoming the cause of deforestation ourselves and save the planets and the lives on it from the effects of it.

Global Warming Solutions: The only one solution for Global Warming is tree plantion. Plant more and more tree to stop Global Warming. We can help in tree plantation with our Tree Planting Services. So you can take help from us to plant trees.


Deforestation and Forest Degradation

Global Warming And Deforestation

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